Rules for Issuing of Books on Loan

  • All sections will remain open on all working days from 8 a. m to 8 p.m. (except Monday).
  • The Children & Women’s sections remain open from 1p.m-7 p.m. (except Monday).
  • To get library membership of the library a person shall deposit minimum Rs.50/-(Rupees Fifty only) as security amount and maximum is unlimited which is refundable, along with 1 (one) copy of stamp size photograph and on producing suitable residence reference (i.e.-I/Card, Pan Card, Electric bill, Admit card etc….)
  • 4 (four) nos. of books will be lent to the members of the library by following their security deposited amount and they may kept for a period of 20(twenty) days. The value of the issued books should be 10% less from the security deposited. In case of Senior Citizen & Women reader, they may get 5 (five) nos. of books at a time for 28(twenty eight) days.
  • The books may be re-issued if the borrowers desire to retain the books. (Re-issuing of books is permitted for 2 times only).
  • If books are not returned within the stipulated period, a late fee of Re.1/-(one Rupee only) per day per book to be charged.
  • Books required by Government departments for departmental use will be issued without any deposit but official letters should be required for this.
  • The books from the reference collection and rare collection or any books valuable for its rarity or its illustration will not be lent out from the library. These may be used only in the library.
  • Unbound periodicals, newspapers, journals will not be lent out.
  • Full responsibility for the care of books will rest with the borrower who will be required to replace or pay for any book lost or damaged. (The penalty should be as per following rate:- Current edition – 2 times of original price of the book, old edition – 5 times of original price, Out of print books – 20 times of original price  of the book. If necessary the borrower’s membership is to be cancelled)
  • If a borrower lost his/her membership card, a duplicate card will be issued to him/her by payment of Rupees 5/- only.
  • All cash transaction (i.e. deposits, fines, withdrawals etc.) should be made to the Librarian (lending section) of this library.
  • Silence shall be observed in the library.
  • Mobile phone should be kept on silence mode in the reading room.



Head Librarian

Birchandra State Central Library

Agartala, West Tripura.