Rules of Internet Networking Services

Guidelines for the use of internet networking services at Birchandra State Central Library

  1. Eligibility for membership:The service shall be available to the bonafide readers/members of the library having basic knowledge in Computer. For this purpose,they will be given a computer operating card for availing this facility. In this regard separate amount of Rs. 300/-(three hundred only) shall have to be deposited as security amount ,which is refundable. To obtain this card , one has to apply in the prescribed application form (to be available at the counter) with 02(two) copies of stamp size photograph and producing permanent resident certificate(i.e. I/Card,Pan Card,PRTC/Ration card etc.). For occasional users,permission shall have to be obtained from the competent authority (H.O.O,BCSCL).
  2. Internet facility shall remain open from 12 noon to 6 p.m. on all working days (Except Govt. Holidays and Monday).
  3. Internet shall be used basically for Research and Academic purpose only. The use may be asked to specify his/her need and their website key out the view the research topic/purpose etc.a register to be maintained to ensure the optimal purposeful use of the facility.
  4. Users will normally be allowed maximum 1 (one) hour time at a stretch.
  5. User/(s) has to give prior information for downloading the required material for teir research purpose.
  6. User/(s) will be allowed to take print out of the downloaded material on A$ size paper by paying in advance @ Rs.2/-(two) per page.
  7. The library will allow copying of  downloaded material into a new CD which may be provided by the Library.The charges for this service shall be Rs. 15/-(Fifteen) per CD.
  8. Using/ Downloading of messenger facility for e-mailing and chatting and surfing of unwanted site are strictly prohibited.
  9. Strict disciplinary action shall be taken for misuse/abuse of the facilities (accessing unauthorised sites,chatting,e-mailing etc.)
  10. Silence shall be observed and mobile phone should be kept in silence mode in the Cyber Cafe room.
  11. Users are not allowed to take their own books,bags,umbrella,pen drives,cds etc. Inside the Cyber Cafe room. Only pen and notepad are allowed.



Head Librarian

Birchandra State Central Library

Agartala, West Tripura.