Other Important Sections

Cyber Cafe: (Service Time-12.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.)

The Cyber Cafe section was launched on 14th September 2011 as a first information service section of the Birchandra State Central Library, inaugurated by Shri Anil Sarkar, Hon’ble Minister, Higher Education Department.  In this section 16 scholars can research their research materials through internet at a time. At present there are 155 members of Cyber Café section. Every day they come and collect information through Inter net as per their requirement. . The said scope is only provided at Birchandra State Central Library till the date. This scope will be extended in future in all Public Libraries.


Senior Citizen Section

This section was established in the year 2011   at Birchandra State Central Library. This scope has been extended in 11 Public Libraries also. It has been established for the senior citizen persons. There are so many books related to senior persons with a separate room. They may easily operate books from the rack as per their requirement. There are so many daily newspapers also available in this section. The users can easily collect their information without any hesitation.



Reading Room

It is a very important Section and part and parcel of Public Libraries.  There are so many scopes for having the reading materials like as Journals, Magazine, periodicals, Newspapers etc. At present there is accommodation near about 100 seats in the reading room. There are near about 36 newspaper, 65 Magazine, Journal etc for study purpose and about 600 users regularly use this section.



Braille Section: (Service time-8.00 q.m. to 8.00 p.m.)

At present there are 3 Braille Libraries (Physically Challenged Corner) in Tripura, one at Birchandra State Central Library and others at Nazarul Granthagar and Unakoti District Library. The Braille Library of Birchandra State Central Library was established on 3rd May, 2012 and the other Braille Library i.e., Nazrul Granthagar and Unakoti District Library were established on 10th & 12th July, 2013 respectively. These Libraries render its free service with Braille books, talking books through computer for differently abled persons.  At present there are   48 members at Birchandra State Central Library and Brail & Audio Books 1,366 as on 05.09.2013. The users may easily operate the computer through Jaws Software.