Lending Section

The main function of Lending section is to issue books to the Library  members and the Government Departments. Only those books are lent out which are known to be in print. Books forming a part of the reference collection, books valuable for their rarity, manuscripts, serial publications and Government publications are not lent out. The section also procures books to read in the reading room and also procures photocopies of the research materials.lending_section1

  1. Any one can get library membership of the library by paying refundable security amount of minimum Rs.50/-(Rupees Fifty only)  and maximum is unlimited, along with 2 (Two) copies of stamp size photograph and on producing suitable residence reference (i.e.-I/Card, Pan Card, Electric bill, Admit card etc….)
  2. 4 (four) books are lent out to the male members of the library following their security deposited amount and they may keep books for a period of 20(twenty) days. The value of the issued books shall be 10% less from the security deposited amount. In case of Senior Citizen & Women readers 5 (five) books are lent out at a time for 28(twenty eight) days as special consideration. Open access system service is available. Readers may select books as their own choice from any rack.
  3.  Service Time-8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. for Central Library & 1.p.m. to 7 p.m. for other Libraries.

Books of all branches of knowledge are available in the stack which may easily lent out like as philosophy, Political Science, History, Economics, Science, Commerce, Literature, Medical, Law, Engineering etc.lending_section2